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  • What I Do

    I try to understand why we do what we do. How do we make decisions on our own? In social groups? In business and markets? In pursuit of trying to answer these questions, I've used economic theory, cognitive psychology, social psychology, decision neuroscience, online surveys, behavioral experiments, functional neuroimaging (fMRI), and a large variety of statistical, econometric, and machine learning methods.


    I also bring order to chaos. It may not always be interesting or exciting, but it is important, improves efficiency, minimizes errors, and makes things run smoother. I am very detail-oriented in my work and implement/regularize standard operating procedures (SOPs) whenever relevant.


    Some people probably call me a jack-of-all-trades. Others may call me a dilettante... but never to my face. Me? I'd call myself a polymath if it didn't sound so damn pretentious.

  • Experience


    A selection of academic and non-academic work experience:

    The Stars Group

    Senior Manager for Consumer Behaviour, StarsPlay, 2018-present

    Marketing, product design, communication, and - my favourite - data analysis. Have a hand in everything relating to player behaviour, contact, experience, and interaction... in conjunction with my amazing colleagues.

    University of Zurich, Dept. of Economics

    Postdoctoral Researcher 2017 (fixed-term contract)

    Analyzing behavioral & functional neuroimaging data. Experimental design & execution. Writing & revising original research.

    Maastricht University, Dept. of Economics

    Assistant Professor 2014-2016

    Project management. Supervision. Human resources (admissions & hiring of junior researchers). Seminar organization. Grant writing. Teaching... lots of teaching... LOTS of teaching.

    University of Zurich, Dept. of Economics

    Doctoral Researcher & Teaching Assistant 2009-2014

    Behavioral & experimental economics. Decision neuroscience & neuroeconomics. Teaching organizational & personnel economics.


    Contributor for Business Analysis 2010

    Data-driven analysis of PPV sales by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which recently sold for $4billion.

    Center for Talented Youth

    Instructor 2008

    Advanced game theory @ Nanjing, China.

    New Leaf Market Co-op

    Bulk Foods Department 2004-2006

    Stocking. Receiving. Ordering. Replacing outdated fax-based ordering system with barcodes and electronic scanners.

  • Education 

    University of Zurich

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2009-2014


    London School of Economics

    Master of Science (MSc) 2008-2009

    Social & Cultural Psychology

    Johns Hopkins University

    Master of Arts (MA) 2006-2008


    Florida State University

    Bachelor of Science (BS) 2004-2006

    Mathematics & Economics

    Florida State University

    Bachelor of Science (BS) 1999-2003

    Political Science & Social Sciences

  • Programming

    Programming experience and example applications:


    Maximum likelihood estimation of nonlinear decision-making models using Nelder-Mead method for numerical optimization.


    Gradient descent. Support vector machines. One-vs-all classification. 3-D data visualization.



    Anything from summary statistics to implementing pairs cluster bootstrap-t procedure with cluster robust standard errors. Data compression with principal component analysis.

    Qualtrics, SPM, z-tree, +

    Online experiments and surveys using Qualtrics. Large-scale functional neuroimaging analysis, including Bayesian model selection, using SPM. Behavioral experiments with monetary incentives using z-tree. Other things as needed, such as using Linux to run multiple instances of Matlab and SPM on a shared network cluster (simple implementation of parallel processing).

  • Contact

    Drop me a line if you're interested in hiring me or need a consultant!